Traveling Alone

“Travelling alone is the single best thing you can give yourself”

I am a person who has stayed with my family all my life. My childhood was dotted with small vacations with mom, dad and sister. As I grew, holidays were a combination of family time and with friends.

imageTo be honest I have traveled alone but I have never stayed alone. This year however, for the first time , I had to travel to USA on business – read as “travel and stay alone”.As cool as it sounds, it kind of frightened me in the beginning.


My travel started with all the Business formalities which were time consuming and tiring. But I had a really good time there! I came back energized and more determined.


Below are the takeaways of a solo-girl traveler ,be it on business or pleasure.

Always pack the essentials when you go on a trip alone. Jot down a list and ensure you have packed them, because out there you really dont know if you will get to find a general store easily or if you will get the required thing on time.

Some of the things I packed -Toiletries , basic cosmetics , a good face cream and face wash, a small book to read on the go, the right kind of apparel (I went in the fall season so I decided to layer a little) , self protection spray , copies of tickets and passport and other important documents, a physical copy of contact numbers in case of distress and the phone is drained, a battery charger, medicines and prescriptions….

Although I mentioned its necessary stuff needs to be packed, DO NOT over pack . In my case my mom was so concerned she over packed my bag with sweaters and food that I did not have much option when I went shopping. If you are planning to shop , plan accordingly.

Its wise to invest on a pre-paid international simcard since you are travelling alone, it helps navigating and ordering cabs. In India one has lot of options like #Lycamobile and #Matrix which have a 20-30$ plan with data pack. Really helpful if you are traveling using maps.

DO NOT carry all your money in the form of cash as you may lose it in transit . I opted for #HDFC Forex card which can be topped up when needed. I carried cash- card in 40:60 ratio which also helped me to keep a tab on money I spent.

Do not plan your shopping for the last week. Its good to shop a week before you leave for hometown so that you have enough time to pack

Its good to be alert but have fun at the same time!